Radio Host, Rocker and your average everyday guy, that’s me.

After 30+yers in the music business radio was the obvious next step, so 7 years later here I am. Doing great, hyper local radio is what I’m passionate about. When I’m not on the air you can find me at a local charity event lending a hand or my voice. If it’s community I’m all about it and I’ve worked to ingrain myself in the community and wouldn’t trade a second of it.

In my spare time (lol) you’ll find me rocking out with one of my bands in the NY/PA regional club scene. When the teacher asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” the other kids said the usual stuff like Policeman, Fireman, President, not me it was “I’m gonna be a Rockstar or be on the radio”. Following my dreams and giving 100% to what I believe in is how I live my life. Family, Great Friends and Rock n Roll is the cloth that I’m cut from.

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