Jimmy the Mick


A true local boy, I was born in Bradford PA, grew up in Limestone NY, and currently reside in
Olean NY with my girlfriend and two kids. I grew up on my Dad’s music; the Beatles,
Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac, ect. When I got a little older I gravitated toward Led Zeppelin, the
Doors and Pink Floyd, all while enjoying the music of time; Nirvana, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili
Peppers. When I was a kid I remember recording music videos from the TV to a tape deck, then
re-recording them onto another so I could change the order of the songs. In eighth grade they
told us to pick a career for “job shadowing” and my first choice was radio (obviously before I had
any ideas or concerns about salary). I wanted to be the guy whose job it was to listen to music,
and play music for other people. So naturally, after graduation, I ended up working in auto shops
and pizza places for about 15 years. But I did eventually find my way into the industry and have
not looked back since. From play-by-play of local sporting events, live broadcasts at local
events, informing the community, and just generally having fun babbling on the microphone,
there is so much of this job that I absolutely love. But my favorite part is now, and always will be,
being the guy whose JOB it is to listen to music and play music for other people!